Applicazione LAPIS

Storie di innovazione, buone pratiche e servizi di assistenza sociale – Per voi, da voi!

The LAPIS App is a free collaborative tool, easily accessible across mobile and desktop devices, that enables care organisations and commissioners to transfer knowledge and learn from each other, through the sharing of personal stories of innovation, best practice and services in social care.

The LAPIS App will be the first such system for the social care sector, with the potential to cross over to health care and other sectors. Built on a machine learning system, the AI core is designed to analyse and learn from large amounts of information, in order to identify, classify, and rank the stories uploaded by its users.

Firstly, the users will register in the system, and be validated by admins. Then, the user will have the ability to upload their story using a standardised format. The artificial intelligence system will then classify the stories and rank them according to criteria developed with innovation agencies, social care providers and users. Users will also be able to make enquiries / ask questions about innovations, best practice and services, via the system to retrieve data, and links to opportunities.

Story categories include:

  • patient wellbeing
  • staff wellbeing
  • funding
  • activities
  • training
  • nursing

A guide, and training support materials will be created to ensure end users can easily learn how to make the best use of the system, including a help page with ‘frequently asked questions’.