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Creating your own Work-Based Learning course- Digital Learning Programme

Do you want to develop a course for your care team members to “learn on the job”? Our Moodle Guide covers all the basics of Work Based Learning, from planning to assessment, to help you put your ideas for best practice into practice! This FREE resource is available via the University of Lancaster OpenLearn platform and will open in a new window (you will need to register as a new user to access the resources, this is a quick and free process- once registered, please click the “Moodle VLE” button to log-in).

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Our digital guidebook and map:

Our guidebook is a comprehensive resource designed for both the Social Care and Vocational Education sectors. It features a Digital Map and user-friendly Guidebook that highlight successful work-based learning practices in the social care industry, covering planning and development. It enables effortless navigation and exploration, connecting various entities such as TVET providers, national organisations for social care learning, and higher education institutions supporting innovation development.

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Leadership in Work Based Learning: Digital Learning Programme

Our Leadership in Work Based Learning Digital Learning Programme equips Commissioners and Social Care Managers with the skills and competencies to plan and initiate learning programmes, and enable managers to work with TVET providers to develop bespoke training programmes, suitable to the needs of your organisation.

This FREE resource is hosted by the University of Lancaster OpenLearn platform, and will open in a new tab. If you have not already registered, you will need to register as a new user to access this resource. This is as simple and free process. New accounts can be created here. Once registered, please use the “Moodle VLE” button to log-in.

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Promoting Innovation Leadership in Care

This Digital Learning Programme focuses on developing a shared view of innovation; enabling innovation in health and social care settings; management strategies to facilitate innovation; innovation to improve outcomes and generate financial benefits; and assessing and adopting innovations.